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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  May 17, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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bill is here with marriage equality is deeply divided with religious and conservative groups among israelis vocal opponents of the venezuelan government has been holding talks with opposition members in the way both parties were invited to the discussions to end the 5 month political crisis on wednesday a military blockade tried to prevent the opposition leader. from entering the national parliaments but he defied it. downplay the importance of the talks in norway. there are some invoices to norway i said this on tuesday and i say begin now and i've also said it to the point of exhaustion we are not going to lend ourselves to any kind of false negotiation. and activists against us intervention in venezuela have been evicted from the venezuelan embassy in washington d. c. 4 of them arrested on thursday a month after the group took over the building for winks a faced off with
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supporters of the venezuelan opposition who were gathered outside the envoy for the opposition leader said the embassy had quote been liberated. 2 weeks ago i was here in this same place. and i said. duck time. taskmasters. there are days that 2 weeks later that our sponsors are out of our embassy we are in. our embassy this is our free territory this is a symbol of freedom this will be there and that's the freedom. since you come here at al-jazeera a plea for help once peaceful became the fasces calls on the world to act as violence spreads across a whole region. hard long reporting from the globe and shipyard in good ways on how
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this great rubio new expedition cruise ship will be partly prague white back through its new term for the northwest passage which this year. the western sponsors by the way. the still quite a bit of unsettled weather over parts of the middle east at the moment for look at the satellite picture we can see this swirling mass of clouds over parts of iran and then all the way back towards the caspian sea there this is given us a fair amount of wet weather and i think we'll see more of it as we head through the next few days kabul is likely to see some outbreaks of rain and that does stretch all the way up towards monte meanwhile towards the west it's generally a long dry here and a lot hotter for some of us to baghdad up to $4142.00 degrees over the next couple of days turkey will see the weather go downhill though here will see the cloud
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a rainbow wind as we head into saturday before the towards the south and there's actually a fair amount of cloud post the arabian peninsula at the moment too and it is a little bit humid now here in doha that's why the temperature quite as high as they have been so around 36 degrees will be the maximum on friday and saturday further towards the south it won't be that whole in solara and that's due to more humidity here will get to around $32.00 down towards the southern parts of africa generally speaking a good deal of dry weather to be found here looks like antenna to review will be getting to around $25.00 degrees in that sunshine but of cloud around the durban area could just hamper the sunshine in that a bit $23.00 will be our maximum but a bit further towards the west it'll be a lot cooler for us in cape town will get to just 20. sponsored by qatar airways i really want to get down to the nitty gritty the reality whether on line. male chauvinism that is each man with in our global family
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it is really hard to get. or if you join us on say. to pick up their mind this is a dialogue everyone has a voice talk to us in our live you tube chat and you too can be in the street join the global conversation on out to 0. tolerance is a look at the top stories here about jazeera president trance announced plans to overhaul the u.s. immigration system the changes would strongly favor skilled migrants and make it more difficult for non english speakers and design and c. is the u.s.
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state department's been accused of disproportionately focusing on iran and its recent reports on how countries are complying with all these controls democrats have written to secretary of state raising concerns about the way they say intelligence is being politicized. taiwan's parliament is set to vote on a bill that could turn it into the 1st place in asia where same sex marriage is legal if possible to give same sex couples similar protections afforded to other couples. that china has vowed to defend its companies from a trade blacklist imposed by the u.s. on hallway and 70 of its affiliates washington believes equipment produced by the chinese tech giant could be useless. they try way deny. brown reports now from a tech trade show in tianjin. what you see here is at the heart of the trade dispute between china and the united states the 2 countries are competing
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to be world leaders in artificial intelligence robotics and 5 g. technology. showcasing its achievements while away china's national tech champion its expansion plans in the united states now seem over after the u.s. put the firm and its affiliates on a trading blacklist an issue too sensitive for this company official to discuss the market the country operates the company so sorry. but he's confident while way will still thrive in other markets so now laid her with your fire level. we hope we can operate out of it other countries while away officials had anticipated this move and on thursday the firm issued a statement saying the transactions wouldn't improve safety or security in the united states and would only harm consumers and companies it doesn't bode well for
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the full 3 trade talks between the 2 countries u.s. firms are present here the mood among one technology representative surprisingly upbeat levy is a very hard to sell us technology in china today because of the trade rules i don't think so in some way it's yes downey's is open for the all the difference of you know the products here and our attorneys the customers is what i think the. american. pronounce is one of. the theme of this exhibition is artificial intelligence in china the technology is widely used in surveillance and facial recognition cameras. especially in the far western province of shinji. where they monitor track and rate members of a largely muslim group known as the weekers this company manufactures many of those cameras and has been promoting its expertise here but officials didn't want to tell
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you the reason given the u.s. government has once more targeted one of china's most successful companies leading executives of other technology firms wondering who will be next adrian brown al jazeera in northeast china. it's the final day of campaigning in india's marathon election $59.00 constituencies in 8 states are going to the polls in the final phase on sunday bassim west bangor candidates were ordered to stop campaigning after several violent incidents more than a 100 people were arrested after members of prime minister in their own remote is party the b j p 4 to the opposition supporters results will be declared on may the 23rd. hundreds of facebook and instagram accounts pages have been deleted for trying to influence foreign politics facebook says it's banned an israeli company responsible for the accounts uses in west africa latin america and south
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asia but targeted by the campaign. brazil's president has is dismissed huge protests a very education saying their politically motivated demonstrators were out in their tens of thousands on wednesday denouncing j.-a both scenarios funding cuts speaking in the us president both scenarios said the demonstrations were hijacked by his predecessor supporters who don't care about education. you know i'm education is in bad shape i'd rather not have to cut or limits any funding that's anywhere but that's the reality if i don't do it i have to answer to the fiscal responsibility law and i could even have to face impeachment and i believe no one wants this in brazil. became ephesus appealed to world powers to form a new international coalition to combat increasing violence in africa's sun hell
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region the country's foreign minister made the plea to the un which is already got a task force in the area but as our diplomatic editor james baker has reports that force has suffered many setbacks what were probably the g. 5 joint force was set up by the sahara countries chad mali mauritania bikini a fast so and me share 2 years ago but it's still barely operational lacking funding and key equipment one of those nations bikini a fast so it was a largely peaceful country just a couple of years ago but things are deteriorating far here villages burying their dead after an attack at the weekend on worshippers in a church in the north of the country in new york ambassadors have heard a grim account of violence and instability spreading across the sahara all local and regional armed groups expanding their operations with no respect for national boundaries moves it down the threats from these groups remain strong and exerts an
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enormous pressure on our states and all across the threat is gaining territory it is no longer contained in the north of mali or the deserts of broken a faso or along the mauritanian borders it has taken new forms with more terrible consequences the un does have a large $16000.00 strong peacekeeping force in one's country mali but they don't have the mandate to venture beyond its borders now the un is requesting permission to provide a separate regional force with what they call life consumables an amazing admission that the g 5 joint forces currently lacking food water and fuel geographical with speech and impose on menus must support have prevented the 3rd as a bet the u.n. of the joint force which opened wait outside of mali to benefit from life consumable support. this proved to be one of the obstacle to the fool buildings
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tonight is a sign of the joint force while armed groups operate freely without borders the international community seems constrained by them as well as the g. 5 and the un peacekeeping mission in mali. national armies are involved in the fight as are u.s. special forces french special horses and training mission in mali the question is whether there's enough coordination and overall funding for a security crisis that continues to grow james 0 at the united nations the philippines has taken drastic action of the canada's failure to take back tons of rubbish shipped to manila moment 5 years ago canada was given until may the 15th to accept more than 100 containers filled with household waste and missed the deadline the philippines responded by recalling its ambassador and other diplomats . offices of the world's biggest shipping companies are meeting in london talking
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about how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that industry moves 90 percent of world trade and has the same carbon footprint is germany and it is in no way but one cruise company is setting a green example. the club and yachts on the west coast of norway where there's been a long rich history of ship building but this is something different to ships the roald amundsen the fruits of nuts and a nearing completion and they're a step into the future these vessels say to the british ships that will take paying passengers through remote parts of the world powered partly bypassing. new expeditions shipped together is a complex process as you might imagine involving welders carpenters and plumbers and of course electricians there's more than 750 kilometers of cabling to say nothing of details and extensive wiring for powering the ship by self generated electricity. in place yet so what are we what's going to be put in place and what
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will we see and distract your kind that can fit 20 m. battery cells and it will be about was for each cell or each record here with this rx with we have behind us now we can reduce to 20 percent off the fuel consumption off the ship. the vessel's thrust will come from a combination of diesel and battery powered batteries and cells will be constantly charged by the ship's engines as they run. kyle writes and will be captain on the roald amundsen as she attempts a northwest passage later this year really important because we have got him going to remote areas form of all areas and to be able to do you know feet footprints but . to give is only the green footprints we supply the polar system with the batteries but also when we do the operation in the arctic on time. given the
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shipping industry is responsible for a significant proportion of the global climate problem change cannot come soon enough ultimately the dream is of a ship with no need of a funnel hybrid and reducing consumption is one thing but even more interesting i think is the work that it's now going into. fully electric. shipping we've seen some initiatives on that as well in norway and that's an area where. the norwegian shipping industry might get an advantage as an early adopter electric faeries can already be seen in some of the world's ports while on shore power and others enables vessels to be plugged in so engines can be switched off while docked. and hurtigruten the now planning to convert several ships like the nord cap here drawn on a combination of fuel including bio gas made from organic waste like timber and
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dead fish with a day when the mega ships of the world a powered solely by renewable energy well that is still in the distant future the clock al-jazeera norway. then one of the world's most renowned architects pay has died at the age of $102.00 his work includes the louvre pyramid in paris and the $72.00 story bank of china tower in hong kong. museum of islamic art was one of his last major projects. well catherine launched a newly build world cup stadium the 2nd of 8 planned venues for football showpiece event in 2022 and how what chris stadiums 1st match walls a star studded affair. now reports was. if this was a taste of what fans can expect at the world cup in 2022 than cattle impressed
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a dazzling opening ceremony moved to its 1st purpose built stadium you know what crowd and keen to demonstrate its global appeal organizers of the tournament invited international legends to watch the show it's just it's amazing when you look at also the stadium it's very close to the to the players it's got a great feel to it and actually feels like you're at a world cup it's not small some talk about it it's a stadium that compares to the santiago bernabeu it's more of a state it's good for the public and good for the players. oh what christiane is set to host 40000 fans for games up to the quarterfinals and the me a cup final was a sellout the late architect zaha hadid was influenced by traditional arabian dels when she designed it but as well as nod to the past cattles latest stadium also features state of the art technology one of the coolest things about our what
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krista idea is the air conditioning system and maybe in the high thirty's outside but in here it's in the low twenty's and that's because the whole stadium is air conditioned right up through the seat down to the pitch. the fans did give former spanish international shabby a warm sendoff though as he played one of his last much as before retiring from the game keeper's president jannie inventin i was also in the crowd alongside the emir of qatar he's been pushing for an expanded 2022 world cup which would see the country's neighbors share hosting rights despite a blockade. cats are must be hoping they've done enough to change his mind joining al-jazeera what cats are. obvious to take a look at the top stories here it is era president trumbull's announced plans to overhaul the u.s. immigration system the changes would strongly favor skilled migrants and make it
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more difficult for non english speakers and asylum seekers. the u.s. state department has been accused of disproportionately focusing on iran and its recent reports on how countries are complying with arms controls democrats have written to the secretary of state raising concerns about the way they say intelligence is being politicized the saudi immorality coalition in yemen says it will investigate the possibility of an accidental air strike on the capital sanaa or at least 6 civilians all from one family were killed 2 russian citizens were among those injured. taiwan's parliament is due to vote on a bill that could turn it into the 1st place in asia where same sex marriage is legal if it's passed it would give same sex couples similar protections as those afforded to other couples and it follows years long of debate over marriage equality. meanwhile outside the parliament building in taipei thousands braving the
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rangers show their support for the bill e.c.u. of marriage equality is deeply divided taiwan with religious and conservative groups among its most vocal opponents. brazil's president has dismissed huge protests a very educational saying they're politically motivated demonstrators were out in the 10s of thousands on wednesday didn't ounce in jail also now it is funding cuts speaking whilst in the us president both said the demonstrations were hijacked by supporters of jailed former president lula da silva. activists against u.s. intervention in latin america have been evicted from the venezuelan embassy in washington d.c. 4 of them were arrested and say a month after they took over the building for weeks they faced off with supporters of the venezuelan opposition who had gathered outside the building right those are
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the latest headlines from us here coming up next is the stream. with bricks it's still unresolved the u.k. will join the other $27.00 member states to vote in the upcoming european parliamentary elections with the far right populist parties make huge gains as predicted and if so would that change the very nature of the european union get the latest on al-jazeera. and i'm really going to hear in the stream today how is china cracking down on ramadan and we'll also look at 2 other stories why people are boycotting the your vision song contest and anti abortion bills in the united states and as always we want to hear from you so sinister questions or comments via twitter or in our you tube live stream chat.
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human rights groups continue to criticize china's crackdown on was the readers who take part in fasting and regular prayer these and other common muslim practices a few by chinese authorities as acts of religious extremism and dissent against the state so what do china's actions mean for weakest in the holy month of ramadan here with us to talk about this we have via skype from washington d.c. sophie richardson china director human rights watch and right here in the studio russian a past director of campaign for good to have you here russia can you describe what it is like as a muslim as a week in china the chinese mott the holy month of ramadan. all aspects of. the ban the chinese government made all the normal activities of islam normal practice like just praying fasting eating food not pork not drinking alcohol made all of these are illegal under the pretext of
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extremism currently they're holding 3000000 muslims in concentration camps therefore for we were moslems they are not being able to fast and it's just a sore viable for them like trying to just exist there they are living under the complete. civilians police state being monitored 24 hours a day they are for the months of the holy month of ramadan is just being another time of terror and the people are afraid of this practice ignore more islam. when you hear what those restrictions are like there and they they sound very restrictive people online and in the diaspora are trying to do something about it in whatever way they can and so one of those ways is something that caught our eye it is hashtag this is. this ramadan people must act fast from china to show their
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support for millions of leaders who are being banned by banned from celebrating ramadan by china the creator of that hash tag in that campaign sent us a video comment her name is him as a baby and she's the director of outreach for the save weaker campaign here in d.c. and she talks to us about what's behind that. we started this campaign because $3000000.00 muslims are in concentration camps in east africa is that under the chinese regime china will not let muslims fast during the month of ramadan so we are fasting from china it's super easy we want people to not buy anything made in china and post those pictures of things that they did not buy on their social media this campaign will continue after ramadan until we were muslims are free. so what do you make of measures like this will they have any effect at all oh i think it's a brilliant idea to link together you know these. these pervasive per knishes
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restrictions on people's ability to practice their faith that i agree with everything that just said but would add to it that you know it's not just that people aren't allowed to fast or you know introduce their children to their religion the chinese government is actually describing islam as an illogical virus as if it was some sort of dizziness that had to be eradicated and i think anything that muslims or non muslims around the world can do to raise awareness but also you know to put some pressure on governments particularly in the organization of islamic cooperation who've actually praised china you know citizen activism around the world to get those governments to change their position really could make a difference on one hand i'm just thinking about what is happening to the leaders have been many times during our history where we have not been particularly sophisticated and band different faiths and religious it seems so not of this time
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that this is happening to leaders but during that time people have gone underground and still practice their faith is it safe for you to tell me how people are still managing to remain muslim even and very difficult circumstances 1100000 deployed or you go home to monitor their daily activities to live or is them live in their houses they're asking of trolls and to spy on their family if they are practicing there for the plus the every home has q.r. codes implanted scanning that this monitor who is going in and out. the cameras are everywhere and when you fast during ramadan it's not like you don't eat during the day from sunrise to sunset but when there are cameras every corner and there. offering drinks and the snacks at work at schools it's almost impossible to fast because people are so afraid of what it's like to taste if you don't eat and even
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though you'll see your face tells you that. you you abstain from fasting if you are able to see if you don't eat them then you are in trouble in trouble serious trouble yes. maybe it's not possible even to private message yes extraordinary it's almost impossible we have been doing it in private and china is getting away with this in the front of entire world communities labeling said the fine islam how can it was core principles of their religion or any real need to can be compatible for coming to say. so i wonder who we interviewed to answer yeah go ahead one person we interviewed who had actually been detained in a political reeducation camp and came back out who obviously had had to comply with restrictions on your observing his faith at all when he was detained so something really quite evocative to us which was that no matter what had been done to him
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that in his heart he was always kind to be faithful to his religion and i think when you hear people who have endured that kind of treatment and yet remain so true to their beliefs it's really i think a testament of how strong this identity is how critical you know campaigns like fashion ramadan can be in educating the world about the need to show some solidarity that's the only thing keeping we were muslims going the faith and the hope so i want to bring in this comment from arsalan who says that this hash tag this campaign fast from china is a start but why stop there people don't understand the severity of the situation of the weaker muslims we're getting unofficial figures of 50 don't 100 dying daily in camps not to mention the total ban on islam and the extermination of an ancient culture and so while we can't verify those facts talk to us about what this is meant for members of your family your sister is one who. something extraordinary
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has happened to her and you're not sure what. well i was very outspoken and they talked about the atrocity the conditions of the camps and the fate of my in-laws at one of the think tanks here in washington 6 days later my sister and my aunt were abducted just disappeared has been more than 8 months now i don't know anything about my sister her condition. if she is where she is i had no idea for 8 months we didn't hear anything the chinese government kept claiming that those are very very education centers or walk ational training centers on my sister is a medical doctor speaks fluent chinese what kind of vocational training a medical doctor goes through and also the recently they invited some of the reporters to the region. to guided tours to some of the camps and saying that the prison guard official saying these people come here from mondays through fridays
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and then be able to return home on the weekends we have not heard from my sister for 8 months. thank you for sharing that story i know it must be difficult for you but i do believe that getting the word out there is educating people online thank you so much for your time thank you to. you for joining us for this segment. moving on our next story is the boycott of euro vision activists are calling on artists and music fans to boycott this year's widely televised euro vision song contest which is being held in tel aviv those who support a cultural boycott of israel say artists who choose to perform in this year's competition are art washing and normalizing the israeli state's treatment of palestinians others including singer madonna say all human rights should be respected and that music should be seen as a medium for peace so is a cultural boycott of israel justified and how effective are such protests with us
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to talk about this in edinburgh scotland merriam barghouti a writer with a focus on palestinian issues and in waltham massachusetts shana weiss associate director of the center for israel studies at brandeis university welcome to both of you things for being here for this i want to write in to our community because they have so much to say about this topic the 1st tweet is from martin who says everyone has the right to support any cause they choose whether popular or not but no right to upset the fine of other people spend your time being positive or risk being a nuisance to the very people who might even support you one day so a little bit of criticism right off the bat merriam i will direct this to you what would you say back to martin. i think a lot of people can play the cultural boycotts with something that it isn't the cultural boycott is to stop normalizing israel as a racist apartheid colonial state it is a state where. the israeli diplomat call african migrants
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a cancer and then become the israeli minister of justice it is a state where on average in 2018 has killed one palestinian child per week it is a state that has almost 70 percent of the palestinian male population incarcerated $67.00 it is the state that has an apartheid wall that breaks the west bank from the rest of the population that has caused under siege for more than a decade that has been said with israeli citizenship treated as 2nd 3rd class citizens. i think everyone that experiences these hard realities will find it difficult to be positive. when artists or otherwise academics entertain israel when they legitimize it or for a temporary satisfaction when they negate this history until today is what has not
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been held accountable for the mass exodus of 700000 palestinians and until today 50 percent of the palestinian population is in the diaspora because they cannot return so i want to play something because the criticism of particularly around staging and being the host of the your vision song contest 2019 when there is euro did a little bit of publishing a little bit of p.r. to say hey guys you should come and hang out with us not only are we a cool place but we're also can put an ice musical together i'm sure you little clip from the video your vision 2019 the music when it comes from cannes public pool cost $8.00 in israel have a look. just what you are it's a war or not you. know much more than just the price. really likes it dollars. this is going
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down the. chain and i'm just wondering about i mean that some could get into the top 5 of your vision so easily perfect amount of from all of the and very cheesy but i'm just thinking these ideas of to a cultural boycott against how people see israel and their relationship with palestinians and then using your vision song contest as a platform for that. do you feel that's an effective place to make those criticisms . so that video is really interesting because it's actually a satire of how israelis are trying to use your own vision i think to fight step the conflict what's interesting to me about the issue of boycott is right so whether or not it's justified but whether it's effective and my concern is that
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a boycott it plays into the hands of the israeli right wing and it is a blunt tool that pushes away israelis who would otherwise be interested in some sort of peace and and really pushes them into the arms of the right which are able to use this narrative there's no partner there's no one for us to make peace with and there's no one for us to talk with and i worry that an isolated society will lash out and do even more horrible things i think that's more telling the israeli society than it is of whether the boycott as effective or not the fact that palestinians again to appease israeli society because there's a fear that they're going to lash out is more telling of the colonial reality of israel and boycott historically has been utilized and bury the call and eyes and struggles what we call it is the nonviolence gravity so one of those things are criticized when they're up in the streets protesting or when they use armed guards
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this and then at the same time criticize them when they're using something that is . so nonviolent that emphasizes not targeting individuals by targeting institutions and still that is not enough that is not enough to hold the conversation on the meaning of justice and still adopting the notion of peace in a vacuum that does not address equality does not address accountability does not address justice is not just a disturbance to palestinians it is a disservice for any struggle in the world pursuit for equality any pursuit for an end of racism an end of anti-semitism an end of homophobia and of islam albeit it is much larger than just worrying about israeli society becoming more right wing lariam here someone who might agree with you this is mark on twitter who says hi i support the boycott for several reasons i come from ireland where much like
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palestine we have experienced invasion decimation injustice from the british i cannot partake in a competition that is taking place in a land that is oppressing and actively killing but with that said shane i want to go to you with a video comment we got from the author of this piece the headline is year old vision is political this year as it is every year so take a listen to what dean told us he's a historian at the university of vienna and he's currently in tel aviv for euro vision so have a listen in the last decade some countries have withdrawn from your vision due to the political tensions with host countries for example georgia did not go to your vision in moscow in 2009 i mean you don't go to huge issue in 2012 and russia did not go to kiev in 2017 with their new countries that are going causing your vision and i think what has kept fans away from this contest most of all of the high prices for tickets and accommodation. ciena. i completely agree
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tell if you know it's very expensive the hotels are very expensive and the tickets are expensive as well i think it's important also to realize. your vision is an inherently political it's political every year and what's interesting to me is that even the most outspoken critic of the icelandic band how tare is still there and has chosen to visit had brown to visit the occupied city of hebron and to make a statement while still attending and that to me is really interesting and we'll see what happens in the final competition ladies i want to wrap up this conversation because you just said that the your vision some contests is inherently political anyone who grew up with the vision song contest knows how the voting goes and how that every you can tell how is your doing regarding the voting this is duncan lawrence he is entering the you a vision song contest in the health of the netherlands he's going to be a backdrop because we also see you vision song contest for
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a statement also them about this boycott and they said the contest is a long running not in a political entertainment event and i just looked at the last little bit there have been no discussions with any of the members or associates concerning a boycott of you vision song contest 2019 all of the countries are taking part think you seem to be about all the time we have for now but we will continue to keep an eye on this story thank you for your time and finally end abortion laws in the u.s. on wednesday the state of alabama pos the country strictest laws against abortion the law would criminalize nearly all the portions unless the woman's life is in danger but also makes no exceptions for cases of rape or incest alabama and at least 15 other states are part of a recent wave the so-called heartbeat bills which about abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected have
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a listen to what georgia governor brian kemp had to say after he signed his state's bill into law. understand. some of this legislation. so that in a court of law but our job is to do what is right. not what is. we are called to be strong and courageous. and we will not now we will always continue to fight for life. the bills are likely to be challenged in court and are seen as one more step towards the u.s. supreme court eventually overturning the $973.00 roe versus wade case that establishes the right to abortion access in the united states here to talk about this much she said she's coding and professor of law at rutgers nor school can believe we got a lot of work for you to see this is so busy on. let's start in alabama because of
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course online that is what most people are talking about in our feeds so sophie here is one of them she says alabama's abortion ban is the direct result of brett kavanaugh is confirmation to the supreme court where the firmly conservative supreme court justice supreme court 7 states this year have been emboldened to pass flagrantly unconstitutional laws to set up a test case to overturn roe versus wade and this is why we need hash tag court packing so a lot there to unpack in that tweet kimberly to talk to us about what she gets at the why the why now what do you make about. well larry the truth is is that basically since 1973 there have been in tight race horses that have been trying to overturn roe versus wade so it's certainly the case that brett kavanaugh as confirmation has. emboldened people and maybe given them a little bit more hope that they would actually be able to overturn roe at this point but abortion access has been attacked in the united states for many years and
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including in 1902 when planned parenthood versus casey was decided which was the 1st case that really were rolled back. the roe decision 1st came as you see any link between or the states that have these heartbeat bills wanting them to be nor can you say oh those are the 15 states that want to do this to d.c. that. i missed out of your question there was something about a commonality among the states exactly that's exactly my question but you said it so much better than i did great so certainly we see a lot of action in states that we would describe as red states states that are more conservative in the united states states that tend to vote for conservative politicians some of those are southern states not all of them are southern states so there's definitely a divide here between what we would call blue states states that tend to vote democratic and states that are red states that vote that tend to vote for
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conservatives and for republicans as someone on watch right now writes my home state of georgia passed a law like this it's dangerous for women and for a democratic society that's elizabeth rainey on you tube thanks for that comment but another person on twitter says there is a specific group of women who this will affect the most she sent us a video comment after writing this piece and march on black women will always work to assure abortion access she says have a listen to what she told the stream like women have always to face policing their reproductive rights and freedoms and you can go back to the history of slavery to see that and so what what's happening in georgia and alabama with lawmakers from strict and access to abortion is nothing new for black women and you know that the law. uniquely impacts woman in poverty and women in poverty black women are more likely to face poverty in this country. can really just absolutely right i mean one
1:44 pm
of the things that we know for sure is that the impact of making abortion more difficult to access hits certain women or certain women much harder than it hits others so women who are low income women of color particularly black women women who are immigrants younger women women who are under the age of 18 you know these are the people who are who making abortion access more difficult really creates the highest burdens and the highest difficult. in terms of being able to not only control their own bodies but really control their own future so there are very deep race and class implications in all of this i'm just thinking when we saw some pictures of the make up with the supreme court if you look at that line up came billy can you predict what may well happen to abortion rights and abortion access in the united states just looking at you know in where their positions on where they come from where basically where we are now is you know the supreme court has 9
1:45 pm
justices for a very long time it was the court where you could be pretty certain that any abortion case was going to be decided 54 in favor of continuing to have a right to abortion that is protected by the u.s. constitution brett kavanaugh his nomination through a significant wildcard into that calculation justice kennedy who is to see that justice cavanagh took was a pretty reliable vote to protect access to abortion there's really no reason or very little reason to think that justice cavanagh will do the same so we'll see. so i wanted to end here with a few perspectives from our community says this is a nightmare this is about will mean women's bodies and making them feel less than human another person writes that people of financial means and political connections will always facilitate safe and professional abortion services through travel private doctors and hotels and will avoid the consequences. thank you so
1:46 pm
much for joining us and thank you for. 3 pots. are always online at a. time. one of australia's most loved making. is under threat from an agonizing to say one term prenup is a lot to say. what i want to east makes the woman who spoke with 0. when the news breaks. when keeping need to be heard and the story needs to be told. in all of radio with exclusive interview dangerous for journalists to editors around the world and in-depth reports are real be made important here with
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al-jazeera as teams on the ground are going on the world to bring you more award winning documentaries and life. meet maria driven by poverty into prostitution and drugs and. she's turning her life around with the help of a theater troupe a group of colombian women fighting the challenges they face. was compelling series which showcases fresh film i can tell and. find a lot in america presents acting lessons on. an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blanket. much of
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northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than 12000 structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't enough housing stock available. we discriminate against brilliance we won't anymore. the u.s. president proposes an immigration overhaul which would favor skilled english speaking is. welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm also coming up.
1:49 pm
warns us ideals are at stake if it doesn't do more to bring his killers to justice and. the venezuelan government and the opposition hold talks in norway. downplays the significance. in spectacular style cattle or unveils the 1st stadium specifically built for the world cup in good time for 2022. u.s. president donald trump wants overhaul the country's immigration system to bring in more young educated english speaking people he says the way it works now is this functional and unfairly favors we've already got relatives living in the u.s. but his plan has little of that being approved by congress and cited. castro
1:50 pm
ripples from washington. the face of immigration to the us would look very different under the new white house plan more affluent more educated and most likely more white make no mistake this plan would have a devastating effect on millions of people around the world who like me have dreams of coming to this land of opportunity if adopted our plan will transform america's immigration system into the pride of our nation and the envy of the modern world the plan president trump introduced thursday would rank would be immigrants by english proficiency employment salary level and age those rank higher would have priority to become u.s. residents meanwhile the existing system of allowing immigrants to sponsor family members would be cut in half currently 66 percent of illegal immigrants come here
1:51 pm
on the basis of random chance their admitted soley because they have a relative. in the united states and it doesn't really matter who that relative is the plan has little chance of passing congress democrats and moderate republicans there have said they want to extend legal protections to young immigrants who were brought to the country illegally as children. trump took away those protections when he took office his new plan makes no mention of fixing their status at the end of the day this is the only place a lot of us call home and the only place where we can thrive and become the person that our parents always dreamed of us becoming pro immigration advocates joined the democratic leaders and built a replica of the statue of liberty here in washington it's a protest of the administration's plan which also seeks to. emanate the diversity
1:52 pm
visa and overhaul of the asylum system at the us mexico border a record number of central american families seeking asylum in the u.s. has strained the immigration system a republican bill in congress backed by the president would allow families with children to be detained for up to $100.00 days the white house says it's the only way to tackle illegal immigration and is calling for priority sections of the border wall to be built democrats in congress have refused to build the wall and say trump's newest immigration plan gives them no reason to support it castro al-jazeera washington where as you've just heard part of the president's plan would include increased security at the mexican border as well as legal changes which would reduce the number of central america is seeking asylum down home and has more from mexico city. there hasn't been any reaction so far from the mexican government
1:53 pm
to president speech on migration but in a way there's already been a sort of an answer to his rhetoric on border security to his rhetoric on people coming from central american countries mainly when do it ourselves salvador and guatemala those countries suffering a lot of oil and a lot of poverty making their way through mexico to get to the united states president lopez obrador administration have sort of started a low profile crackdown you could perhaps call it against that type of migration just to the as an example there's been 80 percent more detentions this april of people coming through from central america and there were from the year before and there's been sort of signs that there's been a lot less teller it's towards the so-called caravans large groups of people heading from those central american countries through mexico to the united states another sign that president lopez obrador administration has sort of tacitly tried
1:54 pm
to give president trump's administration some of what he wants from migration there's a policy called remain in mexico a plan from the trunk of ministration that means that people while they're looking for asylum brought to the waiting to see if that's granted in the united states they're put back over the border in mexico even though they're not from this country while they wait and that's happened thousands of people now are way to the mexican government hasn't sort of said no we're not going to do that and stop that it's another tacit sign that they're trying to present lopez obrador is sort of avoiding confrontation with president trump and trying to give him some of what he wants now what president says that the answer is in the long term is for development and investment from the united states government would solve them it's co and towards those central american countries. riddled with violence riddled with
1:55 pm
extreme poverty in some cases that are leaving that many people feel that they have little choice but to flee and head north he says rather than building walls and the problem trying to stop people you have to find stuff this is a source by trying to help people now what we saw in president trump speech is that he's really going the other way he's talking about closing legal got some asylum he's talking about continuing to build what he calls his he's on the border between mexico and the united states a more scanning of ports of entry. the fiance of the murdered saudi janis jamal khashoggi says she can't understand why the u.s. and the world on doing more to bring his killers to justice had t.j. jen gedge address a congressional hearing in washington she was with khashoggi the day he was murdered inside saudi arabia. toba mike hanna reports and ms who's in a deeply divided congress this is one issue that receives bipartisan support democrat
1:56 pm
and republican members expressing dismay at attacks on journalists around the world and strong criticism of a president who stands accused of encouraging or empowering such attacks president donald trump i thought the digital mys the work of news organizations has failed to criticize repressive regimes and has praised leaders who crush dissent. under close scrutiny the murder of jamal khashoggi and testimony from his fiance is deeply saddened that visiting his hometown of washington. i could us a long slow moloney he said the reason jamal moved to the united states was because there were other people like him in prisons in saudi arabia who could not was their own opinions and he felt responsible for them and he said in the united states i can be their voice if we cannot bring him back maybe at least we can help free those people and other prisoners of words of support from committee members written
1:57 pm
testimony really is a love letter to your fiance i hope that what you hear today does not sound like empty words needs to be accountability for your fiance john markoff shows she's murdered his loved ones deserve justice and we lawmakers have an obligation to push for their justice despite pressure from congress president trump insists the matter is closed resisting attempts to hold any saudi leaders responsible a stark statistic presented to the committee in 9 out of 10 cases of journalists killed while doing their jobs no body or person has been held accountable. jamal khashoggi remains part of what in the eyes of his fiance and this committee is a horrific reality mike. washington's. the us government's been accused of politicizing intelligence and of disproportionately focusing on the
1:58 pm
wrong the criticisms come from members of congress about the state department's recent report on how countries are complying with arms controls democrats have written to the secretary of state raising concerns classical hain has more from washington. the top democrats when it comes to foreign policy in the u.s. house of representatives are unhappy with a new report from the state department that takes a look at iran basically they're saying that this report leaves out a lot of information where used to be dozens and dozens of unclassified pages now it's simply 12 and that some previously unclassified information has been moved a classified section there demanding answers from the state department they're arguing that they are politicizing intelligence to try and make people take a tougher stance on iran at the same time the president of the united states donald trump is sending the message that he doesn't want to see conflict with the rat he was asked by a reporter are we going to war with the red and he said i hope not and there have
1:59 pm
been reports in prominent newspapers that he has grown unhappy with his national security advisor john bolton he is a well known around hawk the president sending signals that in the meetings and in the press that he doesn't want the conflict with iran to escalate. the saudi immorality led coalition in yemen says it will investigate what it cools the possibility of an accidental as strike in the capital sanaa the coalition insists it was targeting who seen military positions bought civilian neighborhoods will also boned at least 6 civilians all from one family were killed 2 russian citizens were among those injured the venezuelan government's been holding talks with the opposition members in norway both parties revising for discussions to end the 5 month political crisis oh my when say a military blockaded tried to prevent the opposition leader. from entering then the
2:00 pm
calm and but he defied it has downplayed the significance of the talks in no way. from the. strong rumors had been circulating since wednesday but now it is official opposition leader. has confirmed that for the 1st time in nearly 4 months since venezuela's president a power struggle began exploratory talks have taken place in between his representatives and those of president. he also acknowledged that for almost 3 months norway had been trying to mediate some kind of an encounter however he insists that the talks are only one of many possible options for bringing about regime change. it is one more to shoot from those who want to cooperate and we've said from day one anyone who wants to contribute be they civilians members of the military or diplomats or welcome to achieve an.


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